Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Trocar Kit?

It's a sterile hormone pellet insertion kit.

Why use a disposable Trocar Kit?

Personnel time is no longer wasted on ordering, stocking, and opening gloves, syringes, needles, prep solution, instruments, drape sheets, scalpels, skin tapes, and gauze dressings. Everything needed is in the sterile trocar kit.

What is included in a Trocar Kit?

    • 3.2mm or 4.5mm 3 piece disposable trocar set with either a medical grade resin or a surgical grade stainless steel obturator (sharp piece)
    • Non-latex sterile gloves (vinyl)
    • Forceps
    • Alcohol wipes
    • Chlorhexidine or Betadine antiseptic
    • 22 gauge 10cc syringe (for local anesthetic)
    • Fenestrated sterile drape
    • Scalpel (#11 blade)
    • Steri strips
    • Sterile gauze
    • Tegaderm
    • Holding Tray

How much does each Trocar Kit cost?

We aim to keep our pricing structure simple. Resin kits are $20 or $16 a piece in a case of 30 ($480). Stainless steel kits are $24 or $20 a piece in a case of 30 ($600).

Do you offer a volume discount?

Yes, we do! You can select the option to order a case of 30 Trocar Kits instead of the individual kits. Change the Type option from Individual to Case. This reduces the price of the kits to $16 for the resin and $20 for the stainless steel. We only offer the volume pricing for whole cases kits. We also offer Free ground shipping to the contiguous US for case orders.

What if the volume discount is not being applied when I order 30 kits?

Make sure you change the Type option from Individual to Case. If you accidentally place the order, don't worry we check and apply any discounts you should receive. [We aren't perfect though. If you realize you made an error in your order, please email us at]

How many kits come in a case?

There are now 30 kits in a case.

Why does my case order seem to cost more than in the past?

This is because we increased the number of kits in a case from 20 to 30.  This lets us offer the kits at a lower price per kit and saves you more in the long run.

How much does shipping cost?

That depends on where you live. Case orders include Free ground shipping for the contiguous United States. For the individual kits you can select your shipping method.

What if I need my case of kits sooner?

You can select an expedited shipping method from the shipping options. Email us at or call or text 937-247-4044 immediate assistance.

When do you send out shipment?

We usually ship cases and individual kit orders within one business day (M-F). If you place your order before 2pm EST, we usually send the case out the same day.

What is in the "Members Only" area?

We've teamed up with some physicians to create informational handouts about hormone pellet therapy.

How do I access the "Members Only" content?

It's easy and free. Simply sign up for a account or log into your existing account.

Where are Trocar Kits made?

The each trocar is made in America and registered with the FDA. Every kit is assembled and sterilized in America.

Can I have a discount?

Sure! Thank you for reading our FAQ. Enjoy 5% off of your next order by using the code FAQ5. It is good for one order.

What if my question was not answered?

Email us at or call or text us at 937-247-4044 and we will be happy to help you.

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